Windows 8 Tips & Tricks (Part 3)

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Windows 8 Tips & Tricks (Part 3)

Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts and hot corners you should know.

Working faster usually involves some kind of shortcut. Windows 8 provides a bunch of shortcuts using the Windows key (which means you need a physical keyboard to enter them), as well as hot corners you can click with a mouse that make other features available.

Here are the essential shortcuts:

  • Windows: Pressing just this key toggles among the Metro Start screen, the last-run Metro app, and the Windows 7 Desktop.
  • Windows-C: Displays the charms bar.
  • Windows-D: Launches the Windows 7 Desktop.
  • Windows-E: Launches the Windows 7 Explorer.
  • Windows-F: Opens the File Search pane.
  • Windows-H: Opens the Share pane.
  • Windows-I: Opens the Settings pane.
  • Windows-K: Opens the Devices pane.
  • Windows-L: Locks the PC.
  • Windows-Q: Opens the global search utility.
  • Windows-1, Windows-2, and Windows-3: Open the first, second, and third open apps on the Windows ┬átaskbar, respectively.

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