PC Tune Up

speedmeterIs your computer running slow? Does it seem like it is bogging down on programs that it doesn’t usually have a problem with? It may be time for a tune up. Just like your car and your body, your computer can begin to slow down or have other problems if it isn’t tuned-up regularly.

Your computer might be ready for a tune-up if:

  • It is running slower than normal
  • It is sometimes or constantly crashing or freezing
  • You are receiving error messages for no obvious reason
  • The programs you use often are taking longer than normal to load
  • You are experiencing slower internet connectivity

PC or  Mac  Tune Up Service

The expert technicians at mypcrepairguy.com can perform a tune-up on your computer and enhance its performance, increase its speed, and ensure that you are fully protected from viruses, spyware, and other forms of common malware. Our complete tune-up is a full maintenance service provided to keep your PC, Mac, or Laptop in tip-top condition with optimal performance.

Our PC Tune Up Service Includes:

  • Complete System Evaluation
  • Diagnostics on software and hardware
  • Check system security for unauthorized access
  • Check for disk and directory errors
  • Check hard drive functionality and space availability
  • Delete temporary files and cookies
  • Defragment your hard drive for optimal performance
  • Start Up Check
  • Unnecessary Program Removal
  • Update Virus software
  • Virus and Spyware scans

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